Wall Paints:
Selection of paints for interiors depends first of all on the particular spaces to be painted open space, lobby, living room kitchen etc. Each requires its own painting requirements, and a range of paints to choose from. There are four types of interior paint:

  • •    Dry Distemper
  • •    Acrylic Distemper
  • •    Matt Emulsion
  • •    Silk Emulsion

Choosing is a question of economics a matter of budget, materials, labor and time relative to the finish you want.

Alsawat Paints offers following brands in Wood Paints:

You can find complete specifications and information on each product. Please feel free to do your selection. For any kind of assistance you can contact us any time.

Wood Paints:
Alsawat Paints offer our clients with different natural wood  finishes. This includes

  • •    Special silk wood Interior
  • •    Classic wood Exterior
  • •    Wood Filler
  • •    Wood Stains

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